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Important Please Read My FULL and Personal Review of Kekolo Treats Affiliate Programme before continuing to sign up.
I was recently looking to add additional products to our website , and thought it would be great to offer our customers the ability to purchase sweets, pick n mix, fudge, chocolate, and gift boxes using Kekolo Treats as the supplier meaning customers would order direct through our affiliate link and Kekolo would fulfill the orders and we would earn a small commission on each order referred, therefore saving money on holding stock in BULK. Sounded like a great idea, it would be a win win situation for both ourselves, and the customer. I signed up to Kekolo Treats Affiliate programme through another Rep and was received with a warm welcome, added to the Facebook group along with a couple of Messenger chat groups all offering support and help if needed. Yep all good so far, so I proceeded to add products to our website, created a Facebook Page, and started promoting as much as I could. I also started referring other people/businesses who were interested in also selling Kekolo Treats products. This was going well initially, I was a little surprised that when you log into your Kekolo Affiliate Account it says Inactive, and theres a message saying "You must place a personal order to activate your account" , this basically means you have to place an order for yourself or a customer to activate the account and keep it active, you need to do this EVERY month or your account becomes inactive again. That should of been the first warning that put me off, but I thought no I will see how this goes, I did place a personal order for a bag of Pick n Mix , which took a long time to be dispatched upto 10 days at that point which I thought was way too long and made Kekolo aware of this especially as they want us to sell their products. Customers do not want to wait nearly 2 weeks for the orders to arrive . I believe at the time of typing this review the dispatch time is now quicker. My order arrived , well packed, and the sweets were very nice a bit over priced especially when you count the postage on top but they were good and tasty. So far so good, I continued promoting Kekolo and also decided to recruit additional Reps who would be added to my downline, and I would earn a small percentage of their orders. This went well and in a short time I built up a team of over 50 Reps. Unfortunately this is where things started to go wrong and the events which followed have left me annoyed and disappointed with the way Kekolo Treats treats their reps. My health took a turn for the worst unexpectedly (not corona related) and I had to be rushed into hospital for emergency stomach surgery which helped save my life. So at that time I was not in any condition to promote Kekolo Products, or Support my Downline of Reps which I had built. You would think this would be understandable and I would of been offered support , help, and sympathy considering the seriousness of my condition. But NO ! Long story short, my Affiliate account was locked, and my downline has been removed from my account. This is a disgusting way to treat Reps, even though they were made aware of my poor health and I would not be able to support my team for several weeks. I dont know if the person who made this decision was acting on their own behalf , or if this had come from the OWNERS themselves but I felt I needed to make anyone aware of what happened who is considering registering as a Kekolo Treats Rep / Affiliate. In addition , whilst I was an affiliate I noticed that Raffles, and Gambling were openly promoted on Facebook by other Affiliates to achieve sales of products which as far as I know is against Facebooks Policies, and I will be making Facebook aware of every Page promoting these activities so they can be closed down, blocked or removed. I have seen on the Kekolo Treats Facebook support group that this is openly encouraged. So in summary, my personal opinion would be NOT TO SIGNUP as an affiliate , if you do I hope your experience is much better than the one I had.

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*I am a distributor for Kekolo Treats - By requesting more information you are applying to Join our Kekolo Affiliate Team and as an Affiliate of Kekolo Treats you will be added to my personal downline where I can offer you full support as needed.

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